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The designs of our jewellery artisans are inspired by the rarity of each of our natural stones that are used to create the exclusive jewellery that is offered to our customers. From simple designs to the most complex, it reflects the uniqueness of nature itself in our jewellery produced in Italy.

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The vivacity of the jewels proposed by our jewellers is inspired by the variety of colours offered by nature itself. From the dark and unique colours of onyx and fossilized wood to the soft tones of sea water, our jewellery collections are as unique as nature itself. All our jewels are elaborated by our craftsmen to offer our customers jewellery "made in Italy". The Murano glass beads are supplied by "Gli Ori di Venezia", ​​a world leading production company for over twenty years.

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The experience and creativity of our artisans is synonymous of authenticity and quality. They are responsible for creating jewels that respects and highlights the particularity of each material used during the crafting process. This is our formula to offer jewels that are durable and contemporary; able to be worn by our customers during different periods of their lives.

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